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Financial Management for Cloud

Forward-looking CFOs are creating modern, technology-enabled organizations better equipped to support more agile, digitally enabled business models and stronger collaboration. Organizations are focused to Implement a disciplined Financial management environment providing relevant insight and operational rights to users at different levels in the Financials chain and various levels in the organizational hierarchy. Integrated processes with accurate record keeping & accounting.

Key Features

  • Finance strategy and Process optimization
  • Finance Implementation Planning to Execution
  • Post go-live optimization
  • Change management and communication
  • Integration with 3rd Party Systems
  • Data conversion from legacy systems
  • Deploying security & data privacy

Key Benefits

  • Heightened Performance
  • Increased Security
  • Ready-to-Use Extensions
  • Smooth Integrations
  • Built-In Integration Capabilities
  • Applications Upgrade Automatically
  • Compatibility with Other HR Systems

SkyBridge Approach to Financial Management for Cloud

SkyBridge has developed an accelerated solution and approach to implement Oracle Finance on Cloud. It comes with:

  • Fixed Implementation Time & Fee
  • Multiple Implementation packages to choose from
  • Solution scope pre-packaged
  • Leverages Oracle Rapid Implementation Methodology (UOM)
  • Meets requirements of customers looking for partial and full suite of Finance application modules
  • Leverages SkyBridge experience of implementing Oracle Cloud applications.
  • An easy-to-follow framework of activities, for a step-by-step project implementation centered around few and essential activities and deliverables
  • Ready made materials to greatly reduce workload
  • Best practice suggestions for all business decisions to be taken during implementation

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