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Taleo Cloud

Taleo Cloud is Oracle’s Cloud-based network focused on human resource management such as talent acquisition and performance management. If you’re looking for a leading talent-management software to help your company employ the best in the field, Taleo is the tool for you.

A single, integrated platform, Taleo Cloud offers tools to help you with the whole process from recruitment all the way to compensation.

Key Features

  • Recruiting
  • Transitions and Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Goals Management
  • Learn
  • Client Connect (TCC)
  • Talent Management

Key Benefits

  • Standardize Business Process by consolidating corporate and lines of business talent acquisition.
  • Implement single sign on to reduce burden on employees while applying for internal job postings.
  • Automate job distribution to customer selected job boards which improved efficiency for Hiring Managers.
  • Single, unified system provides the ability to have more efficient control over recruiting process.
  • Unified Taleo System helped the business to become more proactive with hiring, based on demand /supply.
  • Taleo provided the business with the best in class analytics that helps make better decisions during hiring.

SkyBridge Approach to Taleo Cloud

The industry’s broadest cloud-based talent management platform, Oracle Taleo Cloud collects relevant talent information throughout the employee’s entire lifecycle, empowering HR, managers, and employees to leverage talent insights to drive improved performance and business success.

With strong domain knowledge, application expertise and unique technical skills SkyBridge brings to you the quick ROI at minimum risk for your Talent.

SkyBridge methodology accelerators and ready to use implementation templates can help our clients to accelerate their Oracle Taleo implementation in a short 12-16 weeks of time frame based on the application modules selected.

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