The Power of Industry Experience

You have a vision for where you want to take ERP. To get there, you need to pair the right technology, talent, and approach. At SkyBridge, we have deep functional and technical experience in a variety of industries. As your ERP partner, we collaborate on strategy necessary to transform the business. As an implementer, we use a proven approach to develop, integrate, support and train.

SkyBridge has developed a broad range of solutions to help customers solve complex problems, transforming the business with process improvement, automation, application development, and cloud transformation.

Connect People. Simply Business. Leverage Technology.

Over the last 20 years, SkyBridge has lead over 400 projects. We know your industry — how to approach the business needs and technology challenges of today — providing guidance and scalability for the opportunities of the future.

Leading Brands

From global powerhouses to fast-growing upstarts, SkyBridge Global has a demonstrated record of success working with a broad spectrum of industry leaders.

97% Retention Rate

We consistently earn each client’s trust to help meet their industry’s unique competitive and operational challenges.

Industry Specialists

The lead consultants on each engagement are specialists in that client’s particular industry so we speak the language from day-one and hit the ground running.

Functional + Technical

We understand that — depending on the industry — some features and functions are more important than others. So we tailor features and functions accordingly.

We Learn Your Business

We also understand that even in the same industry different organizations face different challenges and must claim differential advantage over competitors.

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