Enterprise Performance

In today’s fast changing environment, organizations need to be able to adapt new ways of thinking and better support decision-making. Companies vary widely in the value that they derive from enterprise performance management (EPM) implementations. Organizations require effective Enterprise Performance management to set and plan strategic goals, and measure success.

Key Features

  • Hyperion Financial Management
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Oracle Data Integration

Key Benefits

  • Robust operations reporting, to give the enterprise insight and forward-looking information;
  • Dimensional profitability and costing capabilities, which help to provide deep-rooted analytics on the underlying drivers of value of the business.
  • Fact based decision making
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Advanced Business Analytics

SkyBridge Approach to Enterprise Performance

We understand a range of enterprise performance management best practices that help top-performing companies drive the greatest ROI from their EPM deployments. Examples of proven best practices for enterprise performance management include:

  • Central data repository base on consistent well defined data
  • Rationalize the number of enterprise performance reports and business views, eliminating redundancy and reports with minimal relevance.
  • Shift business analysis away from backward-looking reporting toward forward-looking decision support.
  • Implement optimized EPM system that will help drive operational excellence across your enterprise.

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