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Drive The Business Forward

With Financials Cloud, Oracle offers a broad suite of capabilities designed to empower modern finance and deliver customer success with streamlined processes, increased productivity and improved business decisions. Experience agile finance, gain a competitive advantage and get crucial insight to advance the business.

Modern Finance in the Cloud

Secure, Reliable and Available

Technology is fueling a change in finance. Cloud computing, once a vision, is now the reality for leading organizations. Visionary finance leaders view applications and technology as a service. The service must be secure, reliable, scalable, and available from any device and at any time — all while it lowers costs and minimizes integration complexity.

Decisive Insight For Everyone

The demand for immediacy in reporting throughout the organization continues to rise.  Whether you’re an executive, manager or a clerk, you need the right information and the right time and in the form that suits your role.

  • Dashboards bring exceptions and action items to you in a single location, eliminating blind spots and quickly resolving exceptions.
  • Modern Finance delivers immediate insight with always current data — since multi-dimensional data model is at the core of the GL, no need to wait for a data extract, a report process, or IT and all reporting uses this single source of truth
  • Combining data and narratives provides actionable context

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Confident Strategic Expansion

Whether you’re looking to solve a specific business challenge today or a complete suite for the future, Financials Cloud has complete coverage of end-to-end best practice business processes that are there when your business is ready.

  • Attack growth opportunities with complete end-to-end best practice business processes
  • Drive the business forward through predictive analysis and increased forecast accuracy
  • Address growing transaction volumes with agile business model

Did You Know: Oracle Financials Cloud (GL) and Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud leverage the powerful Oracle Essbase.

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In Control & Compliant

Limit your exposure, not your expansion.

  • Confidently support new markets with full multi- GAAP, currency & entity support
  • Leverage multi-dimensional reporting & configurable accounting consistency
  • Eliminate intercompany, tax and payment complexity with centralized architecture
  • Achieve single source of truth and reduce risk with shared, flexible data
  • Comply with local regulations and reporting requirements

Complete Process Management

For companies that are process-oriented and global in nature, optimizing the global supply chain is a priority. The integration between Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud and Oracle Financials Cloud ensures accurate accounting of orders, inventory, manufacturing and fulfillment activities. The integrated solution supports direct material processes across demand and supply planning, forecasting, purchasing, production, inventory, receiving, shipping, and invoice processing to complete the full order to cash, procure to pay and plan to produce cycles.

Data Sheet — Oracle Financials Cloud

Financials Cloud is a complete, modern solution delivering continuous innovation in key technologies such as mobile, social and analytics deployed in the cloud to achieve more, faster, and with fewer resources.

  • Gain real-time access to live financial data
  • Proactively resolve issues to expedite automated processing
  • Improve decision-making and increase accuracy during transaction entry
  • Control costs and increase visibility into spending
  • Improve cash inflows and manage cash positions
  • Reduce transaction processing costs and data entry errors
  • Comply with global accounting standards and multiple legislative, industry and geographic requirements


Oracle Financials Cloud

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Scale to Process Millions of Transactions Every Minute.

Financial transactions are usually not singular activities. Rather, a single transaction is only
a step in the lifecycle of a particular business flow and usually leads to several additional transactions. In fact, a single initial transaction can lead to 20-50 additional transactions.

These “transaction multipliers” drive up the volume of financial transactions at increasingly higher velocities, so it is important that scalability tests take multipliers into account.

Oracle has conducted controlled tests designed to measure the scalability of Oracle ERP Cloud Services against high-volume business activities. The tests demonstrated that the cloud service exceeded expected processing capabilities for very large volumes of transactions and easily surpassed scalability expectations.

High Volumes at High Velocity

Oracle Financial Cloud Services Scale to Process Millions of Transactions Every Minute

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SkyBridge Approach to Financials Cloud

SkyBridge has developed an accelerated solution and approach to implement Oracle Financials Cloud. This includes:

  • Fixed Implementation Time & Fee
  • Multiple Implementation packages to choose from
  • Solution scope pre-packaged
  • Leverages Oracle Rapid Implementation Methodology (OUM)
  • Meets requirements of customers looking for partial and full suite of Finance application modules
  • Leverages SkyBridge experience of implementing Oracle Cloud applications.
  • An easy-to-follow framework of activities, for a step-by-step project implementation centered around few and essential activities and deliverables
  • Ready made materials to greatly reduce workload
  • Best practice suggestions for all business decisions to be taken during implementation

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