Splash BI, self-service reporting and business intelligence solution

Designed to empower end users to access their data without the assistance of IT. Its powerful processing engine can connect to many data sources, databases, file systems, and cloud applications and processes large volumes of data seamlessly.

Self Service BI

An ideal reporting solution should do more than just solve your pain points. It should provide resolution to pain points you NEVER KNEW you had! SplashBI’s Reporting Solution comes from a pedigree of more than 15 years of innovative, intuitive reporting tools and continues to be a leader in the industry.


Does your data tell a story?

With the right solution, your data can tell more about your company than any individual manager could. From hidden trends that guide better decisions in the future, to anomalies that may be the result of an unseen error, using the right dashboards and charts could make a huge difference in your organization.


Excel Reporting

Optimize Your Excel Reporting


For most users, no matter where their data starts, it typically ends up in Microsoft Excel. SplashBI’s solution is unique among its business intelligence counterparts, as it provides a starting point in Excel, allowing users to cut out the middle man.

Excel Connect offers a user friendly front-end for transnational reporting within Microsoft Excel that is simple to install and requires no maintenance from IT Staff. It provides users with the ability to run reports, ad hoc where needed, and refresh time after time while retaining all formats, graphs, pivots, and formulas.

Splash BI