SkyBridge Global offers end-to-end IAG services to help in evolving, implementing, managing and optimizing your IAG strategy. Our portfolio of IAG services include privileged account management, accounts and entitlements lifecycle management, self-service, access management, role mining and engineering, attestations and certifications, directory services and audit and compliance.
Our customers leverage our experience and expertise over various IAG products and functions in discovering and evaluating their security and business needs, establishing the roadmap, implementing and managing the IAG Vision.

Our IAG services help the CIO and team consistently enable user access at business speed and always ensure data security with the right user access.

In today’s complex IT environments, organizations rely on hybrid environments with applications living on-premises, in a private cloud, or as software-as-a-service. This makes it especially difficult to enforce consistent identity governance and administration (IGA) policies across the enterprise, leading to a proliferation of risky users. Our team of IAG experts have completed extensive training on the industry leading solutions and allow us to provide bespoke solutions to meet the exact customer needs. Our IAM services offer role-based access control that allows system administrators to regulate access to systems or networks depending on the roles of individual users within the enterprise.

At SkyBridge we leverage the most advanced IAG Technologies. We have the expertise in the following Identity and Access Management products:




Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite

CA IdenityMinder

CA SiteMinder


Ping Identity

SkyBridge’s Identity and Access Management Capabilities:

IAM Foundation

Services for IAM starters to rapidly kick start IAM programs, successfully clear pending audits, and build a robust, scalable IAM foundation. Build services for nearly every aspect of your workforce and consumer IAM program, from strategy and assessment to managed services for secure stakeholder experiences.

IAM Optimization

Services for evolving programs for IAM and security leaders to rapidly enhance and realize the IAM vision that continues to grow along with the business.

IAM Transformation

Services for early adopters to transform and modernize the IAM program from an IT admin tool to a business enabler which aim at safeguarding customer’s system, data and applications.

About SkyBridge

We specialize in providing cloud-based identity and access management solutions. The main benefit of cloud based identity and access management is the speed. We provide simple and quick management tools for deploying IT resources to users, to help your business adopt new technology quickly. Through IAG framework we manage the full lifecycle of your people, whether it is the access to data, applications, and other resources your organization is leveraging to deliver value to users. Our IAG services allow you to manage and execute your resource access safely and easily.

Deploying an effective Identity and Access Management Program results in the following for your organization:

We have a unique way of leveraging a combination of workshops and assessments, implementation and integration services, and program management to guide you down the path to a strategic IAG implementation program.

SkyBridge has strategic partner relationships with leading technology companies to provide solutions that will cater to the specific needs of the client, shortening project cycles, increasing quality, and assuring maximum return on investment.

Our team of expertshave completed extensive training on the industry leading solutions, allowing us to provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Our IAG solutions help identify and mitigate security risk through proper control of an organization’s structured and unstructured data and identities

IAG gives a common platform for access and identity management information.

Our IAM services align with rapidly evolving Regulatory and Compliance Standards. We grant access privileges according to policy. All the individuals as well as services are authenticated, authorized, and audited. We help companies to comply better with government regulations by allowing them to show corporate information is not being misused. Companies can also demonstrate that any data needed for auditing can be made available on demand.

SkyBridge manages identities properly and has greater control of user access, which helps to reduce the risk of internal and external data breaches.

Our IAG framework enables assigning and managing budgetary roadmap effectively, gaining cost efficiencies by automating processes and modernizing technology stack as well as avoiding regulatory fines and quickly meeting audit requests and requirements.

Our Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution manages processes involving administrative privileges, across on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Be it human access to privileged accounts or service-to-service interactions, our solution secures the scale of enterprises and provisions to secure the future needs.

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