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The need for business alignment with IT is greater today than ever before. Aging ERP systems, once the bedrock of a competitive advantage now handicap organizations. Customer demands are shifting, as are employee expectations. Mergers and acquisitions are extensive — adding complexity — as is the burden to maintain regulatory compliance.

Modernize & Optimize For The Future

Utilizing ERP in the cloud, once a vision, has become essential for leading organizations. Today’s cloud offers security, reliability, scalability, and availability from any device at any time. Through smart planning, and business process optimization, upcoming on-premises upgrades are becoming re-platform opportunities for discussion.

While cloud is at the core of modernizing ERP, not everyone is ready for cloud transformation — at least, not yet. For some, it may be several years out — with a phased approach, or hybrid cloud leading the way. During this time adoption can occur across human capital management, accounting, revenue recognition, risk management, governance, compliance, procurement, project planning, time utilization, business intelligence, tax reporting, financial close, and more.

Expand With Confidence

SkyBridge has the industry experience to decode and unravel business process and system usage throughout the organization. For some, there’s going to be more life in those on-premise ERP systems. Others will dip their toe in with a hybrid proof of concept. Long-term, systems will be cloud-based, and SkyBridge has the functional and technical consultants to help you navigate which approach makes sense.

We’re designed to grow with you. And with a 97% customer retention rate, after 20 years and over 400 projects, you can be confident we’re building the right system for today, and the one you’ll want in the next decade.

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