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As the healthcare and life science industries continue to transform, SkyBridge is at the forefront of achieving what’s possible with ERP. Aging on-premise systems are struggling to keep up with industry consolidation and regulatory challenges of the day.

Cloud Transformative vs Legacy Optimization

To meet the business needs of today, SkyBridge is leading with an innovative approach to cloud applications. This includes how we are approaching data, security, compliance, and scalability. We’re helping brands deliver the experiences their customers demand while empowering employees with efficient dashboards, intelligently interconnecting metadata throughout backend operations.

While few in healthcare and life sciences will disagree that cloud is the future, some in the industry are looking to get additional life from legacy on-premise systems. For those looking to extend on-premises capabilities, we offer an array of application services and approaches. This includes ERP areas of finance, HCM, supply chain management, enterprise performance, in addition to proprietary internal developed applications.

Unique Needs of Healthcare & Life Sciences

In many ways, your industry is held to a higher standard. And while the universal need to gain efficiencies from a strategic approach to analytics, business modeling and operations apply, it is achieved in a way that also must protect sensitive personal and healthcare data. This is particularly true with traceability, and compliance with regulatory requirements unique to the industry.

Because of this data and associated compliance, we find IT leaders at a crossroads — should they stay the course with certain connected systems, or seek to tackle a broader approach of optimizing workflows and process. There’s an extra caution when evaluating for leaders in this space. They want to optimize ERP systems for product development, supply chain, finance, and workforce management. To get approval, their strategy and project approach will go through some of the toughest due diligence reviews of any industry.

In partnership with your team’s IT leadership, SkyBridge collaborates to establish and certify 3-5 year IT roadmaps. These roadmaps frame the strategic vision for ERP, in addition to mapping implemention approach. SkyBridge has found these roadmaps help rally executive alignment, and give confidence for those outside of IT to understand the value of modern ERP optimization.

  • Strategy statement & Timeline
  • Prioritized list of improvement opportunities.
  • High-level justifications for each project.
  • Estimated cost and duration of each project.
  • Executive Project Ownership
  • Updated systems inventory
  • Running list of emerging problems

Industry knowledge matters. The consultants you’d be working with are experts in your industry. This is a reason leading brands work with SkyBridge and why we retain over 97% of our clients. Because we know your industry, we can have deeper conversations and planning to address the challenges of today, and the next decade.

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