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When it comes to incorporating technology to maximize customer experience, retail is constantly redefining what’s possible. For leading brands focused on consumer goods, ERP optimization achieves incredible results. The solutions SkyBridge is collaborating on today focus on getting smarter with data — becoming increasingly nimble with the supply chain. We are helping brands develop better experiences for their customers externally, and internally through modernizing and optimizing backend workforce applications.

When customers travel to stores, they want experiences. For retailers to deliver, this means ensuring the brand has the ability to attract, onboard, and retain quality workforce talent. This includes cashiers to distribution center employees, customer support reps to accountants, and beyond. More than ever, the C-Suite is looking for ERP and human capital management systems to employer HR teams to get away from the manual and tactical, to take a more strategic role in the business.

Redefining Smart, Fast and Personalized

Retail leaders never stop innovating — they seek to provide better customer experiences, using technology to disrupt competitors. The incorporation of machine learning, AI and automation have powerful advancements on both sides of the cash register. For retail and consumer goods, the demand to better implement artificial intelligence for reporting, planning and task execution shows no signs of slowing.

Deep Data Powering Innovation

As legacy on-premises applications shift to the cloud, this industry is leading with investment in process, platforms, and infrastructure. We’ve seen the shift in the consumer traveling less to brick-and-mortar stores, getting more comfortable with a broader array of purchases online. Fueled by a wealth of metadata, this is an opportunity for the supply chain to shine. And while they don’t fully grasp the amount of stored data you have on them, they expect you to be both innovative and good stewards with it.

For retail, SkyBridge brings over 20 years’ of ERP experience. We’ve worked with over 400 projects and have a 97% customer retention rate. The functional and technical consultants collaborating with you are specialized at implementing and optimizing ERP software, platforms, and infrastructure for your industry. When it comes to connecting and optimizing HCM, Financials, Recruiting, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Supply Chain and Machine Learning, having that industry experience makes our partnership that much more effective.

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