On July 28th, 2017 the Oracle PeopleSoft YouTube Channel released a highlight video for PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM Image 23. For 9.2 users, the PeopleSoft PUM 23 release will be an important update because U.S. field TAX_CLASS from 1 to 3 characters in length.

It is important to review your PUM Strategy timeline, as there are potential implications for 9.2 users. For those impacted by this TAX_CLASS character length expansion, you will want to ensure your environment is updated to PUM 23 before the first payroll of 2018.

Those most likely to be impacted include 1) organizations that recently updated images (PUM 22 or prior) and were not planning another update through the end of the year, or 2) organizations with longer gaps between updates (example one multi image upgrade per year) that do not have any remaining upgrades scheduled internally between now and the end of the year. Among these scenarios, the TAX_CLASS character length expansion can easily be under the radar, as an advantage with the PUM model is the ability to incorporate multiple image upgrades at a time.

SkyBridge has previously notified our PeopleSoft clients and industry friends about this enhancement, including publishing a PUM 23 FAQ document and suggesting PeopleSoft teams review their PUM Strategy timeline to ensure TAX_CLASS is updated prior to the first payroll of 2018.

The following features are discussed in this video:

(Start time – Feature Name)

00:15 – Employee Onboarding
03:10 – Employee Snapshot for HR
04:07 – Dotted Line Reporting for HR
06:49 – Payroll for North America–Component Lockdown
10:19 – Fluid Total Rewards–Additional Columns
12:04 – Global Payroll Core–Element Browser
13:53 – Global Payroll Country Extensions–Brazil, Mexico, and the United Kingdom
16:03 – Fluid Activity Guide Composer


If you watched the video, you’ll see the features of the PeopleSoft PUM 23 release. One thing not included is the TAX_CLASS character length expansion. This is because it is not a feature, and instead has been primarily highlighted on My Oracle Support. It is an important item to audit and determine if IT resources are needed in the coming months.

If you’re on 9.2, and have questions about PUM 23, let’s connect.


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  Robert Sorrell, Practice Director – PeopleSoft
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