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Built to Maximize HCM Cloud

Recruiting is more strategic and agile than ever before. Finding the best talent, hiring them quickly, and onboarding them efficiently can be difficult in today’s competitive environment. Oracle Recruiting Cloud addresses the challenges of modern recruiting, leveraging a data-driven approach and mobile-first user interface to source and engage with candidates.

Data Driven. Candidate Centric. Talent Aware.

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Intelligent Sourcing, Recruiting and Onboarding

Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a new recruiting solution delivered natively as part of the Oracle HCM Cloud suite. It enables employers to track and measure complete information about their talent across the HR spectrum. It keeps the candidate experience at the center of the recruiting process by leveraging innovative technologies such as chatbots and modern, mobile-friendly UX to provide candidates with a consumer-like experience.

Improving Candidate Experience Through Recruiter Empowerment

Easy to build, template-based pages enable HR professionals to update and refresh the content and branding of career pages themselves without requiring help from a web developer. Through Oracle Recruiting Cloud, the recruiting team can have direct control over the design, messaging, tone and content, eliminating the need to work with IT or go through the marketing department to design a compelling candidate portal.

Watch the video to learn how innovative design and technology is changing the candidate experience for Sarah. 

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Using Talent Intelligence To Hire Top Talent

Hiring better employees can create long-term competitive advantages that lead to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Recruiting Cloud helps organizations reach this optimal state by automating recruitment workflows, and improving operations from data captured during the hiring process.

As a result, organizations are able to improve recruiting efficiency, build better talent pools, and hire the right people and get them onboarded and productive sooner.

Who Is The Modern Candidate

Data Sheet — Oracle Recruiting Cloud

The future of Recruiting requires technology solutions that are Data Driven, Candidate Centric and Talent Aware. Access an end-to-end robust recruiting solution with Recruiting Cloud.

  • Delivered natively on the Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Shared common architecture between Recruiting and other HCM functionality
  • Powerful machine learning and predictive analytics innovations

Provide a Personalized & Compelling Candidate Experience

  • HR controls messaging with easy to build, template-based pages
  • Mobile-first user experience for prospects and candidates to apply
  • Keep candidates engaged with a simple, frictionless application process

Oracle Recruiting Cloud


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Powerful Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Innovations

Chatbots, Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Candidates can access helpful chatbots to discover more information about positions of interest and the company’s recruiting process, helping increase candidate engagement and conversion.

Oracle Recruiting Cloud Dashboard + Mobile View

Preserving & Enhancing Existing ERP Applications

Standardize. Optimize. Secure.

With Recruiting Cloud, human resources information technology (HRIT) organizations benefit from streamlined administration and ongoing maintenance that comes with everything being on a common platform. SkyBridge helps customers modernize and optimize their HCM potential.

  • Application Strategy
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Implementation, Development and Upgrades
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Versioning and Repairs
  • Application Performance Tuning

SkyBridge Approach to Recruiting Cloud

With expert domain knowledge and application expertise within talent management, SkyBridge brings the unique skills to help transform your organization to the potential of the cloud. From recruitment to retirement, we optimize and empower HR to leverage talent insights capabilities of Recruiting Cloud. Because we use a proven approach, SkyBridge provides quick ROI at minimum risk.

  • Standardize Business Process by consolidating corporate and lines of business talent acquisition.
  • Implement single sign on to reduce burden on employees while applying for internal job postings.
  • Automate job distribution to customer selected job boards which improved efficiency for Hiring Managers.
  • Develop analytics, dashboards and reporting that help make better decisions during hiring.

SkyBridge methodology accelerators and ready to use implementation templates can help our clients to accelerate their Oracle Recruiting Cloud implementation in a short 12-16 weeks of time frame based on the application modules selected.

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