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SkyBridge Application Services

SkyBridge provides full lifecycle application development and management in close active engagement with our client-partners. We make sure your applications — both planned and existing — deliver within preset parameters of cost, reliability, functionality, and performance.

Our Global Applications Services are geared to provide a comprehensive array of application strategy, business process transformation, implementation, development, integration, and managed services across enterprise applications with one goal: Connecting People, Simplifying Business and Leveraging Technology.

Create a Competitive Difference

Like your business, the applications that run your business can’t just be “out of the box.” They must enable how you do business; at the speed you do business. That’s your competitive difference — and it is the difference you create with SkyBridge.


Application Development

We follow a hybrid development approach that combines the benefits of the agile and waterfall methodologies — leading to better alignment with business requirements, reduced cycle times, minimum disruption of operations and faster return on investment. We believe strongly in management by objectives — meaning all work is carried out and measured, against a clear and meticulous understanding of the client’s business. But we also believe in rapid iterative development — meaning that we respond rapidly and appropriately as a clearer understanding of business needs emerge with the project.

Application Management

We have the expertise, experience, processes and tools to ensure your existing applications continue to deliver the features, functionality and performance required based on agreed-to SLAs. Our services include application performance tuning, application maintenance and repair, application versioning and application enhancements to meet new functional or performance demands.


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