Business Process Improvement & Automation

Re-thinking and redesigning business processes for service improvements, streamlining processes, increasing return on investment, and overall cost reduction

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Who We Are

SkyBridge has 23 years of experience in business process improvement and automation.
Our experts conduct business analysis and assessments for a variety of projects for large conglomerates, mid-sized companies, small firms and government bodies providing a multitude of Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Automation (BPA) services. Our experience has helped us gain insights towards planning and measuring organizational success and its transformation.

We have successfully implemented business process improvement initiatives that are well designed, effective, and have delivered substantial long-term benefits to multiple organizations. Our -BPI practice involves rethinking and redesigning the way current processes work and how to streamline them. Our BPA practice focuses on how to automate processes to provide better support to any organization’s mission while reducing costs.

Industry Knowledge & Technical Expertise

There have been a lot of continual changes in the global business environments over the past few years. These changes have led to making business process improvements a must for many organizations. Business Process Improvement works wonders if it is well defined and executed in a well-planned way. But if it is not carried out properly, it can lead to a complete transition failure. One of our offerings is a quick analysis service for companies and public organizations that want to validate how their change and restructuring projects will succeed without resorting to expensive and time-consuming interview techniques.

Our team of dedicated professionals offers a wide range of analytical activities and workshops responding to even the most challenging of business tasks and process owners. We focus on beginning with a clear understanding of the requirements of the tasks, processes and persons involved. We then define the goals and begin the automation of the business processes as required. To ensure the right transformation we measure results using a phased approach.

We measure ROI over the short-term and long-term based on customer expectations and goals.

Our Expertise

Audit Existing Technology Utilization

Develop a Case for Change

Plan for Transformation

Highly Streamlined operations

Optimally utilized resources

Assured quality

Reduced risks

Our Business Process Improvement & Automation Services:

Key features of our BPI and Automation solutions are Business process benchmarking, Business process advisory & best practices, Information technology & business process alignment and Information technology solutions. We review, assess, and certify the readiness of the following critical success factors: 

Key Benefits

Identify opportunities for improvement in both business and technology areas

Group the opportunities into common benefit areas or common root cause

Quantify the potential benefits, prioritize them and assign ownership

Create a benefits case for carrying out the improvements

Create benefits delivery measurement process and its different measures

Build a governance structure and plan the project(s) efficiently and effectively

Our Capabilities

Considerable increase in business agility and responsiveness. We follow a practical approach to automate all business processes

We strictly adhere to consistent standards and processes across the enterprise for the best outcomes

A visible increase in efficiency and quality of processes using improvement techniques and automation

Achieve business goals faster by aligning processes and technology

Faster turnaround times and a drop in costs due to lesser manual interventions over the long-term

Our business process automation systems will, in due course, facilitate growing business efficiency. Since it is based on the continuous process improvement principle, the efficiency levels will keep increasing accordingly

Customer satisfaction is a top differentiator in any industry. We focus on processes and operational excellence to easily exceed customer expectations. Consistently meeting promised standards leads to happy customers that are more likely to develop a preference for your company

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