Identity and Access Governance

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Identity and Access Governance has become vital to a modern enterprise.

SkyBridge Global offers End-to-End IAG services to help in evolving, implementing and managing your IAG strategy.  Our customers leverage our experience and expertise over various IAG products and functions in discovering and evaluating their security and business needs around IAG, establishing the road map, implement and manage the IAG Vision.

In a modern enterprise, a very varied set of Users, Employees, Contractors, Vendors, Partners and Application Accounts, to name a few, need access to hundreds of, if not thousands of IT resources (Infrastructure, Applications, OS, Middleware, Network Components, etc) to perform their functions effectively and efficiently.

The CIO and his team have to consistently fight two adversities. Enabling User access at business speed on one side and yet constantly ensure data security by ensuring appropriate user access.  Additionally, every breach report in the last couple of years, points to major factors that can greatly reduce the probability of breach or exposure: ensuring least privilege, both in terms of scope of privilege and the time duration of the privilege.

IAG is the very foundation of the Framework that balances the bolstering of Enterprise Security and regulatory compliance on one hand and enabling the enterprise by user access automation on the other.  IAG is set of software components and business functions that work in tandem to ensure that an enterprise user account has sufficient authorized access to IT resources for the right duration of time.

Leverage the Most Advanced IAG Technologies

SkyBridge has the expertise in the following Identity and Access Management products

  • CyberArk
  • SailPoint
  • ForgeRock
  • Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite
  • CA IdenityMinder & SiteMinder
  • Okta
  • Ping Identity

SkyBridge Success Factors


We use a combination of workshops and assessments, implementation and integration services, and program management to guide you down the path to a strategic IAG implementation program.

Strategic Partners:

SkyBridge has strategic partner relationships with leading technology companies to which help provide solutions that will cater to the specific needs of the client, shortening project cycles, increasing quality, and assuring maximum return on investment.

Our Team:

We make sure our consultants are well treated, well trained, and well qualified. Our team of experts who have completed extensive training on the industry leading solutions, allow us to provide a solution tailored to meet the needs of our clients.


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