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SkyBridge Global is an Atlanta-based ERP professional services firm and an Oracle Platinum Partner. For nearly 20 years we have been the trusted advisor to 300+ clients.

Insight Overview

Insight is a comprehensive strategy development program in which our customer works together with SkyBridge business process and IT experts to identify their critical objectives and challenges and determine how technology can help address them. The program brings SkyBridge’s deep industry experience, technical skills, and extensive knowledge of business and IT issues directly to customers in a one-on-one collaborative setting.

Insight Key Features:

Insight uses a proven methodology that is customized to a company’s objectives.

  • Gain Consensus and Alignment
  • Develop a Value Proposition
  • Accelerate Decision-Making
  • Elevate Technology Innovation Design
  • Present Strategies for Business or IT Transformation

Our Approach

Explore: the Possibilities – The Insight team facilitates an interactive discussion about your organization’s long-term vision and strategies as well as industry and technology trends and best practices.

Evaluate: Develop a Case for Change – Through a series of one-on-one and group sessions, we collaboratively analyze your current business processes, applications, and technology against capability maturity models. The team then identifies the capabilities needed and technology enablers to close the gap.

Recommend: Plan for Transformation – The team prepares a high level roadmap to achieve transformation objectives with best-practice business processes and the supporting technology, including a time-to-benefit analysis and a high-level implementation plan. In partnership with you, the team presents the plan to your executives, describing the industry trends, key supporting technology, benefits, and value drivers of the plan.

Assessment Overview

We have been conducting business analysis and assessments since its inception, ranging from specific projects with mid-size companies to a multitude of services across global enterprises. This experience has helped us gain invaluable insight into ways how progress and success of organizational transformation can be planned and measured.

Assessment Key Features

  • Audit Existing Technology Utilization
  • Develop a Case for Change
  • Plan for Transformation

Assessment Key Benefits

  • Identify opportunities for improvement in both business and technology areas.
  • Group the opportunities into common benefit areas or common root cause.
  • Quantify the potential benefits, prioritize them and assign ownership.
  • Develop a benefits case for implementing the improvements.
  • Develop the benefits delivery measurement process and the measures.
  • Create the governance structure and plan the project(s) efficiently and effectively.

Assessment Approach

SkyBridge provides analysis services to companies and public organizations that want to validate how their change and re-structuring projects succeed without resorting to expensive and time-consuming interview techniques.

Our team of dedicated professionals offers wide range of analytical activities (also called workshops) suitable to even the most challenging of business tasks and process owners. We assess the readiness of the following critical success factors:

  • Project Charter
  • Vision & Goals
  • Systems & Processes
  • Culture & Structures
  • Infrastructure
  • Human Capital

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