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Connecting Quality ERP Talent

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SkyBridge has deep experience in mapping the right talent, at the right price. Our staff augmentation services provide the on-demand flexibility to acquire highly skilled enterprise application talent, without the costs of retaining these professionals fulltime — or the risk of making hiring mistakes.

Technology leaders realize the need for talent fluctuates based on business cycles, changing technology, changes in the organization and other factors. Instead of diverting their own time and resources, they collaborate with SkyBridge and our established talent network.

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Skybridge Advantage

A deeper and more qualified talent pool

SkyBridge has a well-earned reputation among enterprise application consultants that helps us attract the best. The great consultants would rather work for us (and our clients) because they know we treat them fairly, we better match assignments with their skills and interests and we are better at keeping a steady flow of interesting work coming their way.

We stay involved

We don’t just staff and forget. We stay in touch with you and the consultant to ensure things are going smoothly and to handle any issues before they impact the quality or flow of work. Our years of placement success have proved that ongoing communications with client and consultant is the best way to ensure both are successful.

Better screenings

We understand whom we work for. That means we only recommend consultants who will accommodate your process rather than the other way around. That requires that we take the time to listen, to learn about your process, and to carefully screen consultants not just for the right skills but also for the right temperament.

Full menu of service options and models

We can serve the full range of enterprise application staffing needs across a broad spectrum of technologies and vertical industries to meet aggressive project timelines, whether:

  • Onsite or offsite
  • Strategic, functional or technical
  • Application development, maintenance, management, or support

An easy outsourcing option

More than a staff augmentation firm, SkyBridge Global is also a full service strategic enterprise application consulting partner. That means that because you are our staff augmentation client you can easily transition into an outsourcing relationship — should your needs change — with a partner who already knows you. That translates to less project risk, faster time-to-value, and lower costs.


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