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Transform IT from Cost Center to Profit Driver

SkyBridge partners with companies to modernize and optimize what is possible with ERP. We leverage solution-provider methodologies, in combination with our own proven internal processes. Many of our clients are repeat, or referral. We may be the best ERP consultants and developers you’ve never known about. We welcome a challenge and embrace our position as a niche player.

Functional Knowledge & Technical Expertise

SkyBridge has roots with the big consulting firms. We have embraced the best in their framework, and solved one of their biggest challenges, being nimble.

Founded in 1998, SkyBridge has completed over 400 client projects and is home to over 120 Oracle Consultants that have an average of 12 years’ experience.

Analysis to Implementation

  • What is possible with technology in terms of productivity, cost savings, new customer acquisition, and other key business metrics?
  • What type of roadmap is best suited to balance the benefits and risks of tech transformation?
  • Where and when can we gain advantages from custom or tailored applications, remote support, cloud, virtualization, and other IT delivery models?
  • Where can workflows be streamlined to provide additional cost saves and compress time-to-value?
  • What technology-based opportunity and threats lurk on the horizon, and how should we respond?

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We work together across the globe to make a world of difference.

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