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Foster Data-Driven Culture With Actionable Intelligence

SkyBridge has deep experience optimizing business intelligence across the enterprise. Our goal, make data management and analytics more efficient, secure, and actionable. In a world of decentralized data and remote teams, SkyBridge develops solutions to better retrieve, analyze, transform and report data.

Opportunity: Disparate Data Becomes Unified

The amount of back-off disparate data and customer-related metadata is staggering. Department and subsidiary data marts present a large opportunity when properly connected to the broader ecosystem. Partnering with SkyBridge, we work to improve dashboards and actionable information available to end-users, in addition to better harnessing data to help brands develop stronger customer experiences.

Smarter Business Intelligence

  • Powerful self-service dashboards with auto-suggestions, detailed formatting, export and more
  • Robust reporting with interactive visuals
  • Advanced calculations and detailed formatting
  • Rich third party data integration options
  • Planning & Budgeting Insights
  • Financial Management Moduling
  • Rich third party data integration options
  • Role-based security

Simple, Secure, Powerful

  • Robust operations reporting, to give the enterprise insight and forward-looking information;
  • Dimensional profitability and costing capabilities, which help to provide deep-rooted analytics on the underlying drivers of value of the business.
  • Enable reliability and flexibility without sacraficing governence
  • Integrated business planning & budgetting capabilities
  • Upload your own data and gain immediate access to advances analytcs — creating meaning reports

SkyBridge Approach to Business Intelligence & Analytics

We understand a range of enterprise performance management best practices that help top-performing companies drive the greatest ROI from their business intelligence deployments. Examples of proven best practices for enterprise performance management include:

  • Central data repository base on consistent well-defined data.
  • Rationalize the number of enterprise performance reports and business views, eliminating redundancy and reports with minimal relevance.
  • Shift business analysis away from backward-looking reporting toward forward-looking decision support.
  • Implement optimized business intelligence system that will help drive operational excellence across your enterprise.

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