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EBS for Human Capital Management

Oracle knows Talent Management, and E-Business Suite provides the power and flexibility to integrate your HR system(s) of record with each other, and with the greater ERP landscape. EBS for Human Capital Management (HCM) includes modules designed to support all phases of employee lifecycle: planning, recruiting, performance, learning management, succession planning, compensation, performance reviews and performance management analytics.

SkyBridge has deep experience with talent management. This includes HCM modules and ERP integrations, along with providing staff augmentation services. We understand the talent lifecycle and how ERP solutions need to integrate and collaborate with your HR systems of record.

EBS for HCM Sample Use Cases

E-Business Suite Talent Management is designed to increase productivity through automation. This provides user experiences that are more personalized across perspective employee, recruiter and hiring manager verticals.

SkyBridge’s E-Business Suite HCM practices include:

Global Core Human Management Capital

  • Enforce consistent HR policies
  • Report on business metrics from a single source of truth
  • Graphical rules-based payroll system, benefits and compensation
  • Achieve compliance with local regulations at the employee location level
  • Report on HR decision-making and business metrics from a single source of truth for HR management


  • Plan, model and allocate compensation programs across multiple divisions, teams, countries, and currencies
  • Communicate rewards and benefit structure between HR and employees
  • Provide managers reporting views to streamline planning, budgeting, and approval of compensation
  • Model compensation groups for ease of implementation, and speed of compensation updates

Workforce Management

  • Track time, absences, and properly schedule labor
  • Provide employees with an intuitive dashboard to submit, view, track, and approve timecards
  • Forecast labor and workload demand
  • Adhere to labor laws and pay rules

Workforce Service Delivery

  • Simplify HR administration through automated time capture and absence management
  • Enable employee self service capabilities to provide single place to view employee data and personnel actions
  • Provide an internal self-service help desk for employees that allows employees to resolve issues quickly, while reducing agent intervention costs

Talent Management

  • Attract, retain, and motivate top talent with flexible workflow-driven talent management
  • Align individual employee goals with team, and corporate goals, providing visibility into how employee contribution impacts the success of the organization
  • Integration with core HR systems within ERP solution
  • Modular coverage for all phases of talent lifecycle: planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation, talent reviews, reporting, etc

HR Analytics

  • Assess top, and/or bottom-performing talent to better develop programs to develop and retain
  • Model and compare the financial and operational impact of HR programs
  • Provide visibility into workforce demographics, productivity and compensation for 1) internal reporting, and 2) external regulatory reporting requirements such as US EEO, AAP, and Vets 100 compliance


  • Attract and retain the best talent by providing a superior recruiting experience
  • Personalize experience by personas: job seekers, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • Automate the entire recruit process to boost productivity

Learning Management (formerly Training Administration)

  • Provide a single Learning Management System (LMS) to employees, partners, applicants, and customers
  • Manage and administer learning content through an online catalog
  • Track training content effectiveness and align with business goals

Succession Planning

  • Assess business continuity needs to identify areas for succession planning development
  • Establish a dynamic funnel of identified successor candidates
  • Reduce risks of talent mobility by monitoring, engaging and motivating the workforce
  • Launch and maintain succession plans that engage current talent, and nurture long term relationships with multiple successors

Performance Management

  • Define and track individual employee performance metrics
  • Evaluate individual employee competencies, and show alignment to enterprise objectives
  • Provide multi-person appraisal feedback on an individual employee’s performance
  • Enable formulas to calculate employee appraisal rating
  • Integrate performance with recommended learning paths for future development

Self-Service Human Resources

  • Utilize employee dashboard and interactive modules to document employee goals, employee performance, and employee planning
  • Enable employees to evaluate overall achievements and interact with managers to develop opportunities with mapped learning paths as ad-hoc plans, and tracked training within the organization’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enable employees and managers to better communicate employee workforce performance, and how it contributes to the success of the department, and overall organizational business goals

Time and Labor

  • Monitor timecard status and late timecard submission
  • Analyze time cost of reported productive and non-productive time
  • Provide managers insight into causes and associated costs of overtime, absenteeism, and low productivity
  • Analyze reported time and labor cost by projects and project resources

HRMS Considerations by Country

Depending on employee location, and location of operations will come additional considerations for implementation and day-to-day HRMS utilization. SkyBridge works with you to assess, implement, monitor and support critical functionally across geographic areas.

This includes areas such as compensation and benefits,

  • United States
  • United States (US Federal)
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • India

EBS Core HCM Functionality – Mapping Business & Tech

Today’s enterprise and mid-market organizations have a long list of business requirements when it comes to HR. This includes local regulations at city, county, state, and country level where employees are operating. Within Oracle E-Business Suite Human Capital Management core functionality includes the ability to document rules to ensure consistent HR polices, employee experiences, and reporting of business metrics are maintained.

SkyBridge works with HR teams, IT teams, and associated project champions to ensure company policies are being mapped to available Oracle technology. This provides our customers with the HCM functionality they need today, with the opportunity to update and adapt as their organization grows, and as external regulation shifts occur outside the organization.

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