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EBS for Value Chain Planning

SkyBridge helps organizations streamline data and systems through Oracle E-Business Suite. With EBS for Value Chain Planning (VCP), advanced supply chain planning allows supply chains to be transformed into information-driven value chains.

Today’s mergers, operational expansion, globalization, sales channel expansion, and overall organic growth push the limits of operational capacity. Many see the opportunity for efficiency and the potential for a competitive advantage that will last for years.

Oracle Value Chain Planning for EBS

Oracle’s Value Chain Planning suite is a comprehensive set of applications that possess open and flexible architectures, best-in-class capabilities and complete functional coverage. The suite offers both integrated and modular deployment options.

SkyBridge team of highly experienced consultants provide thought leadership, project management, functional and technical consulting for Oracle’s Value Chain Planning suite.

SkyBridge’s Oracle Value Chain Planning suite include:

Oracle Demantra

  • Demand Management and Advanced Forecasting
  • Real Time Sales and Operational Planning
  • Trade Promotion Management

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

  • Automated Production Planning
  • Automated Procurement Planning
  • Automated Distribution Planning

Oracle Inventory Optimization

  • Optimized Inventory Planning
  • Comprehensive Safety Stock Planning
  • Inventory Postponement

Oracle Collaborative Planning

  • Collaborate with trading partners
  • Secure and robust internet platform
  • Have VMI initiative in the Organization

Oracle Production Scheduling

  • Gain better visibility and control over production
  • Maximize production through optimized used of resources
  • Quickly determine best production schedule

Advanced Planning Command Center

  • 700+ planning alerts, reports, KPIs and dashboards
  • Monitor and improve supply chain performance
  • Quickly identify and take actions to supply chain exceptions

EBS for Value Chain Planning Benefits

  • Flexible implementation
  • Reduction in empty transportation miles
  • Reduction in inventory turns
  • Reduction in daily order lines
  • Improvement in error rate
  • Centralized, proactive exception monitoring
  • Enhanced exception resolution responses
  • Demand sensing intelligence
  • Event driven scenario simulation
  • Integrated order orchestration and promising
  • Best-in-class application capabilities
  • Standards-based system architecture

Notable Value Chain Planning Products

  • Advanced Planning Command Center (APCC)
  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)
  • Demand Planning (DP)
  • Demantra Analytical
  • Demantra Demand Management
  • Inventory Optimization (IO)
  • Global Order Promising (GOP)
  • Collaborative Planning (CP)
  • Production Scheduling (PS)
  • Strategic Network Optimization (SNO)
  • Service Parts Planning (SPP)
  • Rapid Planning (RP)

Assess. Optimize. Automate.

The E-Business Suite consultants and developers at SkyBridge are proven experts. What was fragmented planning process, on an outdated system is transformed into an environment where continuous monitoring and speed provide the decision-making confidence your organization requires.

Value Chain Planning for EBS 12.2 & R12.1

EBS for Value Chain Planning offers best in class solutions. The consultants and developers at SkyBridge can help you maximize capability opportunity, incorporating pre-integrated applications, and supplementing with application development and system integrations.

For 20 years’ SkyBridge has helped clients gain advantages through ERP. Our EBS for Value Chain Planning clients come to us for implementations and to upgrade system capabilities. E-Business Suite clients often utilize VCP functionality including: Advanced Planning and Scheduling (aka Advanced Supply Chain Planning), Manufacturing Planning, and Demantra utilization.

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