PayMatch® for PeopleSoft


Payroll Testing just got easier with PayMatch®

PayMatch® provides Payroll teams access to a proven and repeatable process to balance and automate the testing of two payrolls.

Organizations that use PayMatch® report saving up to 85% in their payroll staff’s time every time they use the software.

PayMatch® Overview

PayMatch® automates payroll testing that occurs when an Oracle PeopleSoft tax update, change in benefits, organizational change, or application upgrade is applied. Online review pages display payroll discrepancies in 11 comparison categories. In addition, comparison reports and custom queries can be processed to audit the results. PayMatch® allows you to parallel test your payroll in less time and with more accuracy. The application was specifically designed to run within PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and PeopleSoft Payroll. It is easy to use and provides a flexible and robust testing framework.

Oracle Validated Integration

We value our partnership and collaboration with Oracle. First developed in 1998, PayMatch® is an OVI (Oracle Validated Integration). PayMatch® PDF Overview

Validation Across 11 Categories

PayMatch® is a time saving tool and a proven repeatable process that automates the testing and balancing of two payrolls by comparing paycheck data across 11 different categories such as check gross and net amounts, earnings amounts and hours, taxes, deductions (benefits and general deductions), accumulator amounts and hours, deduction arrears, pay distributions (check, cash, direct deposit) and earnings account code.

It can used on-demand, or as part of reasonable test quality checks of each payroll.

PayMatch Category

PayMatch® Menu

After PayMatch® has been installed it can be accessed under the menu “PayMatch for North America”.

Users with Global Payroll teams would see “PayMatch for Global Payroll” as a menu item.

PayMatch of North America

Caption: PayMatch for North America- All PayMatch® functionality is accessed through this menu.

You Decide. Down to the Penny or Down to the Nickel?

Caption: PayMatch® allows for tolerances to be entered when comparing an Old and New payroll.

Prevent Payroll Errors Before They Happen

PayMatch Compare Old and New Detail Statistics

Before PayMatch

Historically, a Payroll Department would request its IT Department to run parallels and produce payroll registers and/or spreadsheet results.  Reconciling between the payroll registers can be cumbersome and time consuming and creating spreadsheets is prone to errors.

PayMatch® allows the Payroll Department to identify these discrepancies quickly, in an efficient and comprehensive manner. This bolt-on solution empowers Payroll teams and frees up IT Department resources.

Key Features

  • Pay Trends by No. of Checks, Earnings Hours, General Deductions and many more
  • Missing Paycheck/Zero Next Pay (New Hires, Missing Pay Check)
  • Time & Labor Data v Pay Check Compare Time & Labor Hours to Payroll

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Work Effort: Compare entire payroll registers automatically in minutes.
  • Reduce Risk: Quickly get a handle on all payroll discrepancies during testing.
  • Increase Confidence: Efficiently test 100% of your paychecks, no surprises.

PayMatch® Can Be Used For:

Can Be Used For

Most Popular PayMatch® Uses


Use PayMatch® when first implementing PeopleSoft Payroll, or when converting a separate organization from any payroll application to PeopleSoft Payroll.

Reasonable Test

Every pay period processing to identify reasonable difference between prior and current payrolls.


Use PayMatch® to verify that the upgrade process did not inadvertently affect payroll processing.

Tax Updates

Test the expected changes introduced by a tax update.

The most common use of PayMatch® is to compare between the same PeopleSoft payroll before and after a Tax Update or Bundle has been installed.  This will allow the Payroll Department to fully understand and verify the payroll impact of the PeopleSoft delivered changes.

Another use is to compare consecutive PeopleSoft payrolls before and after a comprehensive change has been made into the system (ex. Annual Merit increases, Benefits rate changes) to ensure the update process did not have any unintended consequences.

PayMatch® has also been used in PeopleSoft Implementations by our consultants. With the use of a customized Adaptor, PayMatch® can be used to parallel payrolls from 3rd Party Payroll systems (ex. ADP, Ceridian, GEAC, SAP).

Compare Status

This is the Compare Status per Payroll Code for each Employee processed by the Compare process.



Compared Compared without errors.
Not Compared Compare Error, Payroll Code was found in New Payroll but not in Old/Baseline Payroll.
NewNotOld Description
OldNotNew Compare Error, Payroll Code was found in Old /Baseline Payroll but not in New Payroll.
UnEqualAmt Compare Error, Payroll Codes were found in Old/Baseline and New Payrolls but Amts/Hrs were Not Equal.
DoNotComp Compare for the Payroll Code was not run, as specified in Compare Seq# setup.

PeopleSoft Automated Payroll Testing

Download PayMatch® Data Sheet

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PayMatch Data Sheet

Download PayMatch® Data Sheet

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  • Key Features
  • Key Benefits
  • Common Business Cases for PayMatch
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