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Are you looking to for a solution which ensures to deliver ease of platform usage and enhanced configurability options for your sales teams? Aligning workflows to maximize efficiency, reduce errors, eliminate wasted time, remove unnecessary steps and improve business profits?

Your search for the right solution and partner to empower sales and streamline quote to order process ends here. Oracle Sales, CPQ and SkyBridge Global helps empower your sales team to quickly customize complex quotes and orders with maximum accuracy, streamline business opportunities, automate the process to boost sales and revenues, optimize the existing sales practices, centralize the business rules for optimum outcome and guide sellers with intelligent recommendations to help them focus on the most valuable prospects at the right time.

Why SkyBridge Global?

We have been hearing from industry leaders regularly about the realities of challenges they face. We put the following questions into the context of financial performance to realize the opportunity that lies ahead for our customers

By centralizing product and pricing data, business rules, contract management and more, Sales and CPQ solutions have long been used as the bridge between CRM and ERP to improve process efficiency for sellers and the operational teams that support them. We create seamless customer experiences focused on complex CPQ, sales, services, and proposals. We know the secret to decreasing the time and costs associated with complex sales processes and products.

Deliver business value with CX Sales:

Combine real-time data with all the intelligence of what has come before so you can give sales the clearest picture and the best chance of success.
Guide sellers with data-powered tools that help them take smarter actions in fewer clicks, saving time.
Enable sellers up for success with customer records they can trust, leading to enhanced customer interactions.

Drive revenue optimization with advanced incentive compensation, quota, and territory management tools. Oracle Sales and CPQ helps both sales managers and sales operation staff plan and perform better with connected data and deeper insights.

Improve efficiency to help sales reps sell more to current customers through subscription management and CPQ.

Drive peak sales performance with CPQ:

Give your nontechnical staff the right tools to handle most routine business-processes.

Close bigger deals with higher margins across all channels with Oracle CPQ’s deal management and price optimization.

Empower your teams to work smarter, faster, and offer the right solutions to the right customers. Oracle CPQ aligns process requirements and sales channels to control and mitigate risk.
Quickly configure products or services and enable online requests for quotes. Solve the most complex configuration requirements at a scale to address even the largest transaction volumes and users.

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Our Capabilities

We provide full lifecycle services right from requirements gathering to functional and technical design through development and testing to deployment and ongoing production support

We offer rapid development to increase value for which customers are ready to pay.  We perform Rapid development without compromising on quality

The early prototype acts as an initial blueprint for the developer and the client to check if the requirements are met. The prototype is meant for client review to suggest modifications at an early stage. This is done to avoid huge losses of time, money and resources. Early prototypes give a practically good vision of the application navigation, features, and UI/UX design

With the help of effective planning, which is based on customer requirements, we help decrease the costs of trial-and-error methods. We focus on quality right from the beginning of the planning stage, to prevent later losses

We transform user experience by providing Instant access to new capabilities which are better than the existing ones and that exceed their expectations.  SkyBridge has the capability and provides an all-inclusive suite of services to quickly and seamlessly incorporate new adaptive features

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