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SkyBridge is home to the most seasoned Oracle Supply Chain Management experts. Our proven track record of innovative, Supply Chain Plan, Make and Optimize solutions will enable profitable growth, flexibility, and responsiveness. We can help you plan and optimize your Oracle solutions to transform your supply chain.
When things change fast, you can be prepared with systems that improve resilience and help you plan for success beyond your next move. Our Cloud SCM connects your supply network with an integrated suite of cloud business applications designed and built to outpace change.

Cloud Supply Chain and Manufacturing Applications

Supply chain planning cloud boosts forecast accuracy, formulate revenue growth and cost reduction strategies and execute them with enterprise-wide alignment. Combines proven forecasting algorithms with flexible analytics to anticipate customer demand.
Inventory Management helps reduce costs and drives higher customer satisfaction by optimizing working capital usage, optimizing inventory levels, and gaining complete visibility and control of material flows, product flows, warehouse work, and product costs across your organization’s global supply chains.
Use Oracle warehouse management cloud, transportation management, and global trade management to enable customer-centric fulfilment, ensure compliance and reduce logistics costs.
Deliver exceptional service, enable integrated customer experience across channels and improve margins with better visibility, improved coordination across shipping points and rapid order execution.
Oracle SCM Cloud enables you to enforce policies, select the best suppliers and manage supplier risk for efficient procurement that helps control costs.
Oracle SCM Cloud enables you to take better, real-time decisions, simplify shop floor execution, and control quality and cost with supply chain integration, Internet of Things (IoT), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and machine learning (ML).

Reduce cost, improve quality and get your products to the market faster with a digital platform that maps your entire product lifecycle and value chain and showcases real-time data across all functions.

Take real-time decisions with Oracle SCM that enable efficient maintenance operations, increase safety, uptime and equipment reliability, and reduce overall costs.
Gain AI-powered insights and real-time visibility into supply chain networks with Oracle SCM, and enable customers to scale quickly and realize business value. IoT solutions equip you to map and monitor connected devices, transactions and their associated assets, items, and documents.

Cloud SCM Benefits

Manage customer orders with accuracy

Streamline production cycles and buying process

Smoothen the entire quote-to-cash process

Deliver an exceptional customer experience

Accelerate innovation with automatic upgrades and emerging tech


End-to-end visibility and real-time data across complicated networks

Plan and schedule jobs on flow lines, automate mandatory shop floor transactions

Creating a robust reverse supply chain with comprehensive demand and supply planning

Supply Chain Management Cloud Overview

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Our Approach:

SkyBridge’s comprehensive phased approach ensures that the Oracle deployment aligns with your business strategy and goals. We follow both a top-down and bottom-up approach to deliver process

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