Business and IT leaders all over the world are replacing legacy, on-premises technology with flexible, scalable, and cost-effective computing power in the cloud. From reducing IT costs to accelerating innovation, there are many compelling reasons to embark on a migration journey. However, making the transition is not easy without a well-developed plan and cloud expertise.

Here are five benefits you need to consider upgrading EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI):

  • Personal And Modern UX

    Oracle Cloud HCM combines simplicity and intelligence to make work more personal-learning about your interests to tailor areas like your profile, learning, mentors, and roles over time. Our conversational user interface can be accessed across multiple devices for a seamless user experience.

  • Adaptable And Extensible

    Your business is changing-fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if your systems were agile, up-to-date, and easily configurable as your needs change? Our customers value that Oracle Cloud HCM delivers an adaptable and flexible solution through self-driving transactions to meet changing business practices, regulations, and environments.

  • Intelligent Applications

    Oracle Cloud HCM uses an AI-first approach. This means data and advanced machine learning are combined to help improve talent management, provide complete workforce insights, and increase operational efficiency.

    For example, the system can highlight employees at risk of leaving and empower you to retain them.

  • Complete HCM Cloud

    Run your business with a single technology partner. On our complete Oracle Cloud you can: manage the entire employee lifecycle, add other line-ofbusiness applications like finance, supply chain, and sales, and gain speed and innovation from Oracle’s infrastructure and platform-as-a-service

  • Business Value

    Oracle customers leverage our Oracle Cloud HCM platform to deliver business value through better user engagement, simplified processes, improved productivity, and lower total cost of ownership. One example is
    Swedbank, a global banking group with more than 18,000 employees who reduced their TCO by 80% in their first year of implementation.

Whether you are looking for a cloud readiness assessment or are ready to take a plunge into the Oracle Cloud world, we are here to support you.

  • Innovation Powerhouse

    Innovation is the biggest benefit of moving your systems to the cloud. Our customers love that they can create tomorrow, today with technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital assistant, and IoT that are a result of Oracle’s $6 billion investment in research and development.

  • Data Security And Privacy

    With Oracle Cloud HCM, you get multi-layered security, data encryption, and state of-the-art data centers. Our platform offers security, scalability, and performance by running on best-in-class cloud infrastructure and providing unified identity and security management.

  • A Vibrant HR Community

    The Oracle customer community meets online and face-to-face to share best practices, troubleshoot problems, and advance their HR careers. With Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, you can interact with our online network of 45,000+ HCM members.

  • Customer Success

    At each step of the cloud journey, we partner with you to ensure your project is a success. New Oracle customers have access to an implementation success manager, on-demand education, as well as success planning tools. Finally, we offer 24/7 customer service across 145 countries worldwide to help you maximize the value of your investment.

  • Global Capabilities

    Most companies and organizations today operate in multiple countries and jurisdictions. Our customers are able to leverage our global capabilities to meet their unique needs for 200+ jurisdictions and 25+ languages.

To learn more about the benefits of migrating to the cloud, get in touch with us to look at our latest achievements with our customers highlighting global migration trends, explaining key terminology, discussing migration planning, effective cost proposal, experience and expertise-based tailor made solutions.

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